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Comprehensive coverage is not the same as "Full coverage". In fact my friends, "full coverage" does not exist. Check out this video to see what Comprehensive coverage does cover.    READ MORE >>

You pay for it on your Auto insurance, so what is it and who does it cover? Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is a part of everyone's Auto policy. This coverage is for YOU. Because sooner or later,  that guy that forgot to pay his insurance bill for 2 months or who has no regard for anyone's safety will get into an accident. READ MORE >>

You have Auto insurance on your car. You pay it every month. But do you really know what you are getting coverage for? Auto Policies come in all sizes and limits but in some ways they are all created equal if you read the language. READ MORE >>

In a world of choices, you deserve freedom and an insurance that works for you!     To some of us, every day is Independence Day. We celebrate that we get to make our own choices in life. Not to say we don’t welcome some advice on those choices. READ MORE >>

Why do I need Flood insurance if I have Homeowner's Insurance? Doesn't my Home insurance cover everything? There is a broad misconception that your Homeowner's insurance covers flooding. IT DOESN'T. Broken pipes that cause water damage? Yes. Wind driven hail that breaks through the window and causes water damage? READ MORE >>

The Almighty Dollar. We can never seem to get enough of it and there is always something going up to off set any increase in income we may have. One thing people really hate paying for: INSURANCE! Before I joined the insurance industry I felt about insurance the way everyone else does. READ MORE >>

Do you own an Underground Fuel Tank? If you haven't already, please consider getting it removed. Did you know that oil spills from leaking underground storage tanks at homes and gas stations are the largest single threat to groundwater quality in the United States? According to Attorney General Eric T Schneiderman; an estimated 1. READ MORE >>

We would like to brag about our insured: Basta Trattoria for a few lines. If you haven't stopped into this charming restaurant on Chapel St in New Haven; you are missing out! The food is amazing and the attention to detail is just what a nonna italiana would be proud of. READ MORE >>

Local beer comes back to New Haven:   We're local and we love local Businesses. So we were thrilled to hear that one of New Haven's oldest breweries, that began in 1872 and closed it's doors in the 70's is coming back to town and back on Nutmegger's shelves. Welcome back Hull Brewing ! READ MORE >>

“Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?” ― Martin Luther King Jr. It is Martin Luther King Jr. day and what does that mean?  For me, one thing is remembering the importance of charity and giving to others,  be it monetary or giving your time. READ MORE >>

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